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Magento has found itself among stiff competition over the past 4 years. Companies like Shopify, Interspire, Volusion, OpenCart, ZenCart and others are increasingly becoming more advanced with developers working hard to offer fully featured commerce solutions.

As Magento have recently pointed out on their own blog, however, they are still the #1 eCommerce platform in the world for the third year running.

Most popular eCommerce, Magento

Staggering growth

With a staggering 26% of the eCommerce market Magento is seeing more and more online stores adopt their powerful software. With over 1,900 themes and thousands of modules available to download – allowing for unparalleled customizability – it makes no wonder that even the most respectable competitors to Magento Commerce are eating their dust.

“Our business keeps growing for one simple reason,” says Magento founder, Roy Rubin. “Our customers are succeeding.”

“Our business keeps growing for one simple reason, our customers are succeeding.”

Roy Rubin, Magento founder

The chart imaged above is what’s making headlines for Magento. Research carried out by Tom Robertshaw (a UK Magento developer at Meanbee), utilizing data taken from the top one million Alexa ranked websites, found that 26% of them are using Magento to power their websites which is more than three times as many that are powering the second place and third place competitors, VirtueMart and Prestashop.

As well as highlighting 9 competitors to Magento, the chart also shows that around 24% of sites are using other platforms not mentioned. We’re not sure how many are using BigCommerce, however we’d be interested to find out given that they didn’t warrant a mention in Robertshaw’s research.

In February another commerce study was carried out which showed that Magento had 345 stores within the top 100k Alexa ranked websites. By comparison IBM WebSphere had just 185 and ATG had 123. This latest research, imaged above, shows just how much Magento is growing compared to the competition and in another 6 months who knows where they will be.

In other news, Magento Enterprise 1.13 and Magento Community 1.8 were announced in April but word is quickly gathering pace as to what new features and functionality may be added within the next versions. Performance improvements are a welcome addition to Enterprise 1.13 and several bug fixes in Magento Community 1.8 will put to rest many issues Magento users are facing with back end development.

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  • Jeremy

    Great article, my personal experience of Magento has been good so far! Better than the others I have tried including Zen Cart, Open Cart and Shopify. I plan to continue using Magento for the upcoming year and see how well it works on a long term basis.

  • Panphoenix

    Thanks Jeremy!